Adoption Home Study Services of Ohio

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A Unique Agency

What Makes Us Different

Adoption Home Study Services of Ohio is the only adoption agency in Ohio who's primary goal is to provide you with objective, detailed adoption information, to help you understand how the process works, and to provide you with all of your adoption options.

Our services are designed to inform you of all of your adoption opportunities and to identify the advantages and the risks of each option. We help you to know what to ask an adoption attorney or a child‑placing agency so that you will be given the services that you need. This approach helps to ensure that the time, effort, and money that you invest in the adoption process will be well invested.

We are dedicated to working on your behalf, and we will complete your adoption home study in compliance with Ohio State Law.

We provide you with the following benefits

  • Free phone and email consultation
  • Objective, comprehensive information regarding all of Your options
  • Timely home studies with no waiting lists
  • Services provided throughout the entire state of Ohio
  • Option to choose a child‑placing agency inside or outside of Ohio
  • Information that will help you know what you need to ask the child‑placing agencies so that you choose an agency that will best meet your short‑ and long‑term needs
  • Professional, trained staff to assist you
  • Client‑focused services designed to advocate for you throughout the adoption process
  • Support and assistance before, during, and after your adoption is finalized