Adoption Home Study Services of Ohio

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Home Study Fee: $1,700 Domestic / $2,000 International

All home studies are completed in compliance with Ohio state law and Ohio Department of Job and Family Services regulations. All home studies are completed by Ohio state-licensed social workers who are also Ohio state-certified adoption assessors. We never charge an application fee or charge for travel time!

Home Study Update Fee: $800

All Ohio adoption home studies are required to be updated every two years. Adoption Home Study Services of Ohio will notify you every two years prior to the expiration of your home study and offer to update your home study.

Home Study Sharing Fee: No Charge

After completion of your home study, Adoption Home Study Services of Ohio, will send copies of your home study and supporting documents, at your request, to any child‑placing agency, court, or attorney that you request, at no cost to you.

Post-Placement Fee: $300

After your child is placed, a social worker will need to visit you in your home and write a report that is sent to the court to report your child's progress. Each visit requires a report and has a $300 fee.

Court Appearance Fee: $300

A few Ohio probate courts require the attendance of the adoption assessor at the finalization hearing. Attendance at any court hearing is considered a post-placement visit and billed at the same fee amount as a post-placement visit.

ICPC Document Preparation Fee: $350

If you pursue a domestic adoption and your child is born outside the state of Ohio, your adoption paperwork needs to be prepared and processed through the US Interstate System (ICPC). Adoption Home Study Services of Ohio has significant experience working with ICPC and will prepare your documents in a manner that will make the process as easy and fast as possible. This fee is due at the time that you are matched with an out-of-state birth-mother. A few international adoptions also are processed through ICPC and will require this service.

File Transfer Fee: $600

If you request to transfer your entire home study file to another agency and end your relationship with us, or if you request to transfer an entire home study file to Adoption Home Study Services and end your relationship with the other agency, then a $500 transfer fee is charged. For any questions regarding the transfer process or transfer fees, please contact Brenda at [email protected] or on her cell at 330-206-2218.

Large Family Assessment and Form Completion Fee: $400

If the child(ren) to be placed will result in five or more children residing in your home, then Ohio rules require that a Large Family Assessment and a Large Family Assessment Form be completed.

Completion of the 1699 Pre-Finalization Form: $350

Many Ohio probate courts require the completion of the Ohio 1699 Pre-Finalization form prior the finalization of an adoption.

Addendum Fee: $150

An addendum to your home study is required if a significant change occurs in your home after the original home study has been completed. Significant changes include changes such as a job change, a move to a new home, an addition of a family member, etc.

Additional Costs

During the home study process you will have a few additional costs such as the cost of completing fingerprint checks, cost of a well water inspection, medical examinations, and postage costs.

Refund Policy

Please see the Service Agreement for Refund Policy.

Important Note

Adoption Home Study Services of Ohio does not charge a separate application fee. There also is no charge for mileage. We will expedite your home study at no extra charge. We are a non-profit agency and work to keep our fees as low as possible. Our fees are among the lowest in the state of Ohio.